Mainstream conditioning teaches us to numb ourselves instead of understand who we are.

Understanding takes practice. Understanding makes this “suffering” that we all experience a cyclical lesson for love and improvement.

Understanding allows us to love within and without.

Life is a bunch of cyclical repetitions of perceiving, performing, comprehending and connecting.

Let’s gain some perspective then. 

My current project,, is focused on combining science and spirituality to help our global family release pain. If we can fuel the human race with the fundamental principles of this big energetic matrix called life, then we can fix the global disease epidemic at its root, our individual perspectives. We need proper use of time and a collective calling to go higher. Higher than the current trends in escapism, obsessive consumerism and toxic physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of being.

Credit: Internal Wheel, LLC Logo


Imagine a world where people understand the full potential of their cells, how to take consistent action towards their purpose and align their personal frequency to that of their highest self (other terms for highest self: Soul, Universe, Child of God, Singularity in the Matrix).

The potential is infinite. And we humans? We are limitless once we get out our own way.

If you are interested in health and wellness, probing past the limits of our social norms and working towards your highest self, let’s connect.

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